Ufology w/ Brian Bahe and Sam Rose

Check out Ep 23!

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Courtney Maginnis (@courtkneecomedy, Let’s See What Else Comedy Show) about a cigar-shaped UFO sighting at Hopewell Junction, New York from 1984; a black, triangle UFO seen over Manteca, California; and a recently released Navy video of a UFO over Chile.



Only the Best for Hayden Maxwell

Check out Episode 30!

"Okay, you all have been so good this week that I've decided to release two episodes of Only the Best for Hayden Maxwell! This one is with the delightful Courtney Maginnis who watches Orson Welles's mindfuck F for Fake! It's a great time, there are a lot of laughs and a lot to love. Take a listen on Soundcloud or iTunes or however you want. Thank you for being so good, enjoy your treat."


bear w/ leif by Leif Enoksen

Check out Episode 39: Sexy Singles w. Courtney Maginnis!

Sexy singles Leif and Courtney Maginnis (comedian extraordinaire) are ready to mingle. Courtney and Leif share their high school memories and talk about past loves. Courtney keeps Leif on track and Leif does an atrocious Christopher Walken.., This episode is an absolute treat!!!